v0.7.0 - Improved edict.filter_keyvals and added edict.filter_keyfuncs

  • added “OR”/”AND” logic parameter
  • removed errors parameter from edict.filter_keyvals (instead use edict.filter_keyfuncs)

v0.7.1 - added deep_copy option to edict functions

v0.7.2 - corrected filter_keyvals for dict_like siblings

  • added additional tests

v0.7.3 - added plugin class contextmanager

v0.7.4 - added fraction.Fraction encoder plugin

v0.7.6 - bug fix for mock path read context

v0.6.0 - Improvements to LazyLoad

  • in edict.LazyLoad

    • changed ignore_prefixes -> ignore_regexes for greater flexibility
    • added logging (at debug level) for each file parsed (helpful for longer loading times)
    • added better exception handling for file parsing (to help with debugging)
  • added edict.dump in order to better mirror standard json module (its exactly the same as edict.to_json)

v0.6.1 - added remove_lkey to edict.apply and parse_errors to LazyLoad

v0.6.2 - added .yaml parser plugin

v0.6.3 - edict.remove_paths; allow list of path keys

v0.6.4 - edict.merge added list_of_dicts option

v0.5.0 - Major Improvements to MockPath

split off into separate package

paths relative to base


handle maketemp of folder

v0.5.1 - API Documentation update

v0.5.2 - Minor improvement

v0.5.3 - Minor Bug Fix

v0.5.4 - Minor improvement

  • added byte decoding to mock path write class

v0.5.5 - Minor improvements of MockPath

added stat and chmod (dummy) methods

v0.5.6 - Minor improvements of MockPath

v0.5.7 - Reorder Documentation of Versions

v0.4.0 - Apply functions

  • added apply and combine_apply functions
  • refactored edict to avoid deepcopy recursion (flatten, unflatten)

v0.4.1 - General functionality improvement

  • added more support for list of dict structures
  • option to keep siblings when filtering by keyval
  • added wildcard option to remove_keys and value plus/minus error to filter_keyvals

v0.4.2 - Added ReadTheDoc Site

v0.4.3 - minor bug fixes and improvements

v0.4.4 - Addition of Diff Evaluator

edict.diff, which can optionally use numpy.allclose to assess arrays of floating point numbers

v0.4.5 - Minor improvements

v0.4.6 - Minor improvements of MockPath

v0.3.4 - added .hdf5 parsing

v0.3.5 - Minor Update

  • added to_obj to lazyload
  • ensured inclusion of test files in install

v0.3.6 - additions and minor bug fixes

  • improvement to np.ndarray parser (summarises if a lot of elements)
  • filter_keyvals function
  • print values with line breaks and keys with ansi

v0.3.7 - pprint improvements

improved pprint
  • treat items in list of dicts as heirarchical
  • compress_lists option
  • round_floats option

Also added ipynb parser